Dynamic volume support, Yes or No??

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by inc10521, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. inc10521

    inc10521 Registered Member

    Aug 10, 2005
    o_O LS,

    While i was reading all the info i can get via your website and forum, i'm intrested in buying imaging software for imaging dynamics disks, i found the contrary information:

    Acronis FAQ:

    Does Acronis True Image 8.0 Server for Windows support Windows LDM (dynamic disks)?
    Yes, Acronis True Image 8.0 Server for Windows support Windows LDM (also called Dynamic Disks). You can create an image of a volume of any type and later restore the imaged volume back to dynamic or basic disk. There is one restriction however — if you want to restore a system volume (that is a volume where operating system files reside), then the archive must not reside on a dynamic volume. Non-system volume images can be restored from anywhere.


    August 3rd, 2005, 11:47 AM
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    When will Dynamic Disks be supported?!?


    I've seen posts (from April 2004) stating the Disk Director will support Dynamic disks in future releases. When is this REALLY going to happen? I need to increase my OS partition and cannot due to it being dynamic.

    If anyone knows of ANOTHER product that can support this, let me know!!

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    Acronis Support
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    Re: When will Dynamic Disks be supported?!?


    Hello netbones,

    Thank you for your interest in Acronis Partition and Disk Managing Software.

    We are currently working on the implementation of dynamic disks support. This feature will be implemented in future versions of Acronis Disk Direstor Suite 9.0.

    Thank you. o_O o_O o_O
    Ilya Toytman
    Best regards,
    Acronis Support Team

    Acronis, Inc.
    395 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite 115
    South San Francisco, CA 94080 USA

    Acronis Customer Service Department
    e-mail: support@acronis.com

    All this is very confusing. I won't buy software that won't do the trick for me, so, can you explain this?

    With kind regards,

    Marcel Wierenga
  2. Menorcaman

    Menorcaman Retired Moderator

    Aug 19, 2004
    Menorca (Balearic Islands) Spain
  3. TheQuest

    TheQuest Registered Member

    Jun 9, 2003
    Kent. UK by the sea
    Hi, inc10521

    Convert Dynamic to Basic:- #6

    Take Care,
    TheQuest :cool:
  4. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello inc10521,

    Thank you for your interest in Acronis Disk Backup Software.

    Acronis True Image 8.0 and Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0 don't support Dynamic disks. Please note that only Acronis True Image 8.0 Server and Acronis True Image 8.0 Enterprise Server allow you to create images of Dynamic disks, also you can restore these images but the after the restore the disk will be set as Basic (however, Windows is able to convert Basic disks to Dynamic without data loss).

    Thank you.
    Irina Shirokova
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