Dynamic Disk Support Error Msg Using Acronis Bootable CD

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by JohnJordan, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. JohnJordan

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    Dec 1, 2006
    Re: Dynamic Disk Support Error Msg

    I have a Dell XPS 400 (3 GHz, dual core)
    One hard drive
    Windows XP (pro) Media Center Edition (2005)
    Acronis T.I. Home 9.0, build 3,677

    Acronis Bootable cd

    I recently purchased a Dell XPS 400 computer. It has two CD/DVD drives. One is a ROM drive and the other of the two, is CD/DVD RW.

    I recently tried to restore using the Acronis Bootable CD. I booted using The ROM drive and then tried the RW drive. Both times I got the same error msg:
    E000101F4: Acronis True Image Home has detected unsupported hard disk drives. Acronis True Image Home does not support Windows Dynamic Disks, EZ-Drives, etc.

    In both cased the stand-alone Acronis started fine, but when I cked the RESTore thing, I gotthe error mess. I tried again and got the same msg.

    1. I did not have an EZ-Drive plugged into my computer and
    2. My computer says that all my drives are of type: basic.
    3. I *am* able to backup to, and restore from Acronis Secure Zone with not nany errors.

    Thank you. Oh...how do we post a new topic to this forum? (Instructions, Please).
    Also, what benefit - upgrade to Acronis T.I. Home 10.0?
    Can I use Home version? Do I need server version?
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