Dutchies: Postbank phishing email warning [23-July-2007]

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    (Mods: apologies, I'm not sure where to post this)

    In English:
    The Dutch bank Postbank sent out today (23 July 2007) a warning about a phishing email.
    Details can be found here:
    then at the bottom of the site click "Veilig bankieren"
    then click on 23 juli 2007: valse e-mail is niet afkomstig van Postbank

    Part of the warning by the Postbank (in Dutch):

    I have changed in above quote the "offending" link by changing http into hxxp :

    I myself have not received such an email, so I cannot send it to the AV/AT/AS companies.
    (Maybe they have it already, I don't know).

    At that page is giving an example of that email.
    For Dutchies it is clear what a poor language was used in the phishing email.
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