Driverless cars ‘could be hacked’ warns Institute of Engineering and Technology

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    That warning belongs on all modern cars, not just the driverless ones. Too many critical systems are being tied into accessible computers. Look at the system that allows the seller to disable a car if the buyer is behind on payments. Who is at fault if they kill the engine when the car is on a railroad crossing? IMO, cars shouldn't have internet access. They consider cell phones distracting to a driver. Why is a monitor in the dashboard any different?
    From the article:
    This is a continuation of a problem that's been growing for some time. Antilock brakes, traction control, computer assisted steering, etc are creating drivers that can't drive without computer assistance on anything but ideal road conditions. They lose respect for snow covered or icy roads, expecting the car to do what they should know how to do themselves. Half of them couldn't drive an old car. Technology has its place in a vehicle. Replacing driving skills, distracting the user with display screens, and creating the potential for exploiting the vehicles operation isn't the proper place for it.