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Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by europanorama, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Jun 14, 2003
    dpreview.com is THE main photo/videosite. Owned by amazon one could imagine only that there must be a real tricky cookie-system installed in firefox to please all the advertisers.
    The problem with it is that there are two sections for a login.
    Login only needed if one wants to participate/write.
    1. in the forums. no problem at all
    2. in the news
    I could never login
    Also after new board-system had been installed. Same problem.

    I executed the steps given to have control over super/zoombiecookies and had these Addons installed.
    only the first two were new:
    Better Privacy
    Only lately i have read the instructions how to protect the lso-entry in better privacy. but i do not yet understand the two setting, deletin flashcookies at the end and installation of flashcookies in FF-menue.

    I understand ghostery but this didnt help for my problem.

    What i have found out is this:
    a) sometimes i could even not logout from the forum-login(right-side)
    one or two main cookies were blocked(noscript)
    b) no login in the news-the ads above could not be seen.

    This problem could easily be solved by a FF-reset, deactivating the addons.
    FF says deactivating but in reality the are removed.
    I have spent several week checking out the cookie-mechanisme on my winxp-system.
    I have multiple hdds, some of them are copies. systempartition-copies.

    login worked and i protected the LSO-entry as advised in p.4 in FAQ of better privacy.
    but when ghostery was installed and all boxes checked. sooner or later no login was possible again in dpreview-news-left side.
    deleting cookies in FF did not help, only resetting FF did.
    I have now ghostery removed and will check the behaviour.
    I was unable to find out what is really blocking this login.
    maybe its a complicated mechanisme which does not allow blocking any cookie if one wants to login in the news.
    I have just been reading through this thread about privacy.
    FireFox, Top Security/Privacy Extension
    Thank you for your attention.
    the whole problem started first when i wanted to display the java/javascript-based
    new htm5stereoviewer here:(no plugins needed)
    klick on one if the images/thumbs
    At the moment i cannot see the 3dstereo-images.
    SOLUTION. Firefox reset as mentioned above.
    since this is a break through in 3dstereo-photography(still images) it is important to know the mechanisme.
    avoiding a Firefox-reset.
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