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  1. campbellmr99

    campbellmr99 Registered Member

    Sep 21, 2004
    Okla. in the woods
    Hello folks, my knowledge is small. Please excuse me.

    Is there some way to block or eliminate all these adds generated by doubleclick and fastclick. Sorry if it is a dumb question. It would just please me not to see all this. Thanks
  2. Everyone begins its usually by asking, welcome to the forum..........oh, your post may be moved to the proper forum where it may receive more replies......the mods may do that...

    an to your question....yes, you most certainly can remove those ads..(an lots of other ads) without any difficulty..........either by using freeware such as a "HOSTS" file...or shareware...(here the choice is yours..but do ask others here which they feel does a better job....)

    You will also want a program to clean your "index.dat file" order to know which would be best for your operating system you will need to provide that information....not all of the "cleaners" work on all operating systems.......why do this...well for many reasons actually...the index dat contains alot of info on how you use the it contains "cookies" that were download by the companies you posted....this info can not be deleted normally...but requires a program to do so.

    There are links post around the forum for "HOSTS" files...and other info you you have the following:

    1. anti virus

    2. anti trojan

    3. spyblaster


    5. spy-bot

    these are problem often used for protection....others here will advise you should you post

    please ask here for instructions on how to install a HOST file...very simple.

    good luck and good wishes

    TheSnowman Guy
  3. TYPO:

    "these are problem often used for protection"

    should read

    < these are PROGRAMS often used for protection >
  4. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003
    This is a good link on the host file as well as other tips.
    Hosts file


    Ad-Aware has a freeware version.


    If using XP, you might consider installing service pack 2. It adds a popup blocker to IE as well as other changes.

    You could also try Firefox. It too includes a popup blocker as well as a cookie management program. In addition, you can add an extension called adblocker that helps control ads.
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