Do you prefer an all-in-one set up machine?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by sweater, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. sweater

    sweater Registered Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Philippines, the Political Dynasty Capital of the
    I was just curious if you prefer more on buying the all-in-one machine that has a printer, scanner and photo copier in it rather than buying them individually. :rolleyes: :cautious:

    My cousin, advises me not to buy those all-in-one thing coz if one malfunctions then all of the other features will be useless or that you cannot use them at all. He suggest to buy an individual machine. But that could also mean a bigger expense compared to an all-in-one set up.

    What is your thought about this?

    Have you already owned in the past an all-in-one machine and "suffered the consequences" coz one feature of them malfunctions and you can't use the other functions? o_O
  2. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    May 9, 2005
    Each individual machine has x quality. When you bang them together, you get not 3x quality, you still get x quality, spread thin over 3 machines, resulting in x/3 quality per machine. No one sells for free. If they give you a machine that does 3 things for the price of 1, it means what it means - less quality.
  3. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    I bought an all-in-one printer "Canon Pixma MP150".

    1. I don't use my printer very much. It's more OFF than ON. Sometimes days OFF.
    2. I don't need top-quality. If I can read it, I'm happy and the results are pretty good.
    3. Sometimes a print or a scan or a copy, I don't need 3 machines for that.
    4. Black & White or colors, if necessary.
    5. Three separate machines take too much space.
    6. Lesser cables : 2 instead of 3 x 2
    7. I can't buy 3 machines for the same price,

    I'm happy with my printer because it meets my wishes.
  4. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    my dad has an all-in-one and my mom has just a printer. it rele depends on your needs and if u have the desk space.

    as for malfunctions, i can say from experience that the scanner on the hp psc 1610 still works tho the printer might be having difficulties.

    at the same time tho, the copy and scan functions do work better if the printer does too. copy function is useless if u cant make the copies, know what i mean?
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