Do free greeting cards have malware

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    I got a xmas card from my girlfriend and it is in my hotmail junkmail folder. She said she sent it to me from and the site has an excellent rating from WOT. Lots of comments from WOT members rate it as a malware spam phishing site. I am thinking it may not be the site but the ads on the site. Also is it possible email message or the card could have malware hidden? Just to say this also, I decided I did not want to open it so I deleted it and it came back. I deleted it again 3 times and it keeps coming back so what does that mean?
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    Dec 21, 2014
    Well, the first thing you should worry about is throwing away something your girlfriend just gave you. That's not very nice, lol. Hmm, 123Greetings in the past was an alright website. I never had any issues last I used it years ago. Very rarely I will still use Blue Mountain and have had no issue from them, plus they have nicer cards in my opinion. Here's the thing though, the majority of these cards use Flash animation so yes, they can be infected. You both should just stick to doing things the old fashioned way and buy your cards to keep if you want my take on it.
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    I haven't seen any write-ups lately about ecard scams. Here is a scam from 2012:

    Cybercriminals spamvertise bogus greeting cards, serve exploits and malware
    If the recipient verifies from the sender that a card was sent, then there shouldn't be any problem with the card. It's only when the user follows a link from a spoofed server/person that the trouble begins!