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Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by zfactor, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. zfactor

    zfactor Registered Member

    Mar 10, 2005
    on my zx10-r
    Announcing UltimateDefrag4
    We know we haven’t been in touch for a while and that’s because we’ve been busy developing Version 4 of the world’s greatest defrag software – UltimateDefrag. You’ll be pleased to know also, that it’s not too far from being complete and ready to release.

    You might ask yourself, what can be added and enhanced in what is already such a fully featured hard drive defragmentation tool. Our answer is plenty and we’ve obliged in adding doing so.

    At the risk of preaching to the choir, we just want to take a moment to remind you that UltimateDefrag is unlike any other hard drive defragmentation product out there. Pretty much all other defragmentation products out there just defragment your files and don’t give any other consideration to your file placement. Some have the option for optimally placing files for fastest performance but they do nothing beyond placing a few system- determined files optimally. They do not consider your overall PC file usage. Only UltimateDefrag does that.

    Some of the new features you’ll find in UltimateDefrag 4 include:

    Novice Mode and Expert Mode.

    A lot of the feedback we have received is that UltimateDefrag can be overwhelming for the novice computer user who just wants an optimally performing hard drive without the brain strain. Now, with one mouse click you can choose the mode that suits you.

    In Novice Mode you only need to press start (or schedule it, of course) and UltimateDefrag will, automatically and intelligently, defrag and optimize your hard drive using the “ideal” file placement algorithm for your hard drive based upon your own personal file usage patterns. You can then go about using your PC knowing that it is performing as fast as it possibly can be as a result of UltimateDefrag optimally placing your files. That performance increase will average 400% that of average hard drive performance.

    Of course, if you like to control and customize your own file placement, simply select Expert Mode, for all the features and options of UltimateDefrag to be available to you to customize your own defragmentation and file placement routines.

    Enhanced Defrag Simulation Output

    Users love UltimateDefrag’s simulation mode. In V4, when your simulation is completed, UltimateDefrag will output an estimate of the performance increase you can expect to achieve from your file layout. So you can experiment to your heart’s content for the file placement routine that gives you optimal performance.

    The above features are all we are going to elaborate upon for now. Some of the other new features include:

    Further enhanced the fragprotect feature to further slow refragmentation rate

    Better statistical analysis of your personal file usage patterns

    More methods for choosing files when selecting file usage

    Tools to manipulate your file usage database to reduce memory use

    More file placement options

    Some improvements to the disk display

    Logging and usage statistics

    And lots of other under-the-hood improvements, bug fixes and refinements

    We’ll further elaborate on some of these features on our website over the coming weeks.

    The ultimate purpose of this e-mail was to touch base with our customers and let you know we are still hard at work improving our product and we’ll provide updates from time to time as we approach release of UltimateDefrag V4 in early 2012.

    As usual there will be a reduced price upgrade for all current license owners of previous versions.

    Today’s hard drives are getting bigger and fuller and as they do get fuller, performance degrades faster, even on the fastest PCs. UltimateDefrag is still the only product that will keep your hard drives, no matter how big or full, performing 4 to 5 times faster than average. The end result for you is a faster Windows PC and ALL the applications you run on it.

    Stay tuned for UltimateDefrag V4 coming to your PC in early 2012.
  2. Spruce

    Spruce Registered Member

    Dec 18, 2010
    Didn't expect that... :eek:
    They really need to work on the customer service though.
  3. ViVek

    ViVek Registered Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    Great news :thumb:
  4. crofttk

    crofttk Registered Member

    May 15, 2004
    Eastern PA, USA
    zfactor: Is this an email you received? I usually get three copies of this kind of email and I haven't seen it yet.
  5. zfactor

    zfactor Registered Member

    Mar 10, 2005
    on my zx10-r
    yes it is.

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  6. mike42

    mike42 Registered Member

    Aug 5, 2010
    I got this announcement too. But as long as they don't reconsider their bug-fixing policy I have little hope. They keep adding new features but don't even mind fixing the most basic UI bugs...
  7. Keatah

    Keatah Registered Member

    Jan 13, 2011
    As far as I'm concerned, if they can't fix simple bugs and stuff, then for all I care they can make Version 9, and I still wouldn't recommend it.

    To use the excuse they aren't communicating with their users because they're hard at work on the next version is just so lame. ~ Snipped as per TOS ~ Ignore us so you can work on something else, then expect us to buy it? I don't think so.
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