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    Dec 14, 2014

    I recently had Disk Wiper 15 Professional clean the free space on my drive. I selected it to do 10 wiping passes and to verify 100% of sectors. I've reviewed stubact.log and also have looked for other log files and it appears as though the program doesn't log any of the wiping results when it is doing the wiping from BIOS mode. I assumed that by telling it to verify 100% of sectors under the "verify wipe results" heading that there would be some sort of report telling me that indeed 100% of the sectors have been cleared.

    Couple of questions:

    1) What is the "verify wipe results" option? If it passes, does this mean it has been cleared to the standards claimed (military grade)?
    2) If I want to wipe the data to military grade, why do I have to specify the number of wiping passes? I would think that by telling it to wipe and verify wiping, that it would do it as many times as necessary. I did 10 wiping passes - what is usually a good amount? By not being able to see what the results of the verification of wipe results are... this program is useless in my mind. I wouldn't sell a used hard drive without it.

    Can someone help clear this up? I work in IT so don't be afraid to get technical with me.