"Dialers" in the news (Australia and Europe)

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    Jun 14, 2003
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    Q. 'Wondered if these were "covered" by Spywareblaster so it can be recommended as a preventive measure for them?


    - Australia
    "...Some content providers trick customers into logging on to their sites by flashing content boxes across the screen. As customers repeatedly click to close the applications, they hit a reconnection or installation icon without realising it...The scam affects only dial-up Internet users, not broadband customers..."

    - Europe
    "...The Zelig worm that has been wreacking havoc on the European Internet scene...This latest worm, which is downloaded when you visit certain web pages, or chat rooms, puts a worm on to your computer and alters your Internet settings to use a dial out connection on the 889 international phone call exchange. In short, when you use what you think is your local dial-up for your ISP is in fact being routed through n ISP in Aruba, located in the Dutch Antilles. The trojan lures its victims with offers to download a screensaver that promised poetries' and other 'dark things' supposedly related to Zelig, a book created by well known author Favio Oreglio. ...Victims found their dial out phone number settings had been changed to the 889 international number, which charges users a fee per minute for each call. Police estimate that about 1000 users were cheated in Italy alone..."
Thread Status:
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