Desperate for help on Truecrypt drives no longer loading “Incorrect Password” error

Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by fb1, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Aug 28, 2014
    I had two RAID (mirroring) drives that I removed from the enclosure and installed into a 4 disc (bigger) enclosure along with two more identical new raw drives. The RAID type for this configuration is different to the older 2 drive device that had them running in. This change in RAID seemed to caused a problem with the truecrypt header on the used pair of hard drives as the drives will no longer mount when put in either the 2 or 4 drive enclosures, reporting "incorrect password or not a truecrypt volume".

    I am devastated that I have lost all my archives and would try anything to try and get it back and accessible again. In hindsight I should have bought another 2 terabyte and used that as a backup before plugging the drives in but I did not anticipate the disaster that eventuated.

    I have read older posts on the net from the user Dantz" about using WinHex to locate the header but all I have is non zero data in sector 0 only a load of 000000's and then a huge block of data further down the drive then 0's again in a gap at the end. I don't have a separate block of data that is apparent to me as the header (if I should be able to see this). I have tried to restore volume header from the backup embedded in the volume, however it says "incorrect password or not a truecrypt volume".

    I don't have a recovery disk and it looks like restoring the volume header doesn't work. The drive was prepared in Truecrypt as an entire partition that was not preformatted.

    This large archive is precious to me and I need to know what I can do to recover it, if it is at all possible.


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