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Discussion in 'MRU Blaster Forum' started by DavidZone9, Jul 6, 2003.

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  1. DavidZone9

    DavidZone9 Guest

    Yesterday, I downloaded and ran MRU-Blaster for the first time with no problems. If Javacool could add cleaning of the History index.dat files to this program, I thought, it would really be wonderful. :)

    But today I ran MRU-Blaster again and all of my desktop shortcuts abruptly disappeared! I looked in my Windows/Desktop folder and, sure enough, all of my desktop shortcuts had been deleted from the folder! What gives? :mad:
  2. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Could you please post more details about your system?

    I've had a few reports of this before, but I can't seem to duplicate it (it certainly isn't a built-in feature). It may have something to do with cleaning the Temporary Internet Files on certain systems - again, more details may help.

    TIA. :)

    Best regards,

  3. DavidZone9

    DavidZone9 Guest

    Win95, IE5.5sp2, ZoneAlarm, POW

    Both times that I ran it (with no problems and with deletion of my shortcuts) I had both plugins (Cookies & Temp Internet Files) enabled. Other than the shortcut deletion, I haven't noticed any other problematic results.

    Having recreated all of my (40) shortcuts, I may copy them somewhere (for easy restoration) and experiment with MRU-Blaster some more. Like I mentioned, though, it could be a far niftier program if it cleaned the History index.dat files, as well. (Hint, hint)
  4. DavidZone9

    DavidZone9 Guest

    Since my last posting here, I have run MRU-Blaster twice, with the two plugins (Cookies & TIF) turned OFF, without incident. While doing so, I noticed three items that my MRU-Blaster is not clearing out, and which you may want to add to its list:

    ACDSee: Copy\Move To destination folder history
    HKEY_USERS\Default\Software\ACD Systems\ACDSee\HistMCFDestFolder

    ACDSee: Folders global history
    HKEY_USERS\Default\Software\ACD Systems\ACDSee\HistPaths

    ACDSee: Last opened folder
    HKEY_USERS\Default\Software\ACD Systems\ACDSee\OpenFolder=
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