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  1. cmusgrave

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    Nov 11, 2015
    I use Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Pro

    I receive a warning when attempting to a delete copy of a partition on an external HD.

    The external HD is one I just made copies of partition to for backups.
    This external HD is not set to boot from.

    After selecting to delete a backup partition on external drive I get this warning.
    "Are you sure you want to delete active volume (G)?
    You are about to delete volume (G) Windows8_OS. NTFS.
    Your computer may no longer boot or work correctly."
    Please enter the volume label to confirm deleting...Yes / No.

    Is deleting this copy from the external HD going to damage my computer
    so it does not "boot or work correctly?"

    After I abort deleting partition.
    I attempt to set the partition copy on the external drive to Inactive.
    I get this warning "Are you sure you want to set the volume as inactive?
    You are about to set the volume (G) Windows8_OS. NTFS as inactive.
    You computer may no longer boot correctly." Yes / No.

    Can I delete this backup partition on the external HD without affecting my computer?
    Should I set the copy to inactive first?

    Basic info about partition copy on External Drive:
    Type Primary
    File system:NTFS
    Partition ID:0x07 NTFS, ExFAT, ReFS
    NTFS version:3.01

    Thanks for any information. I would think I can do what I want to the eternal drive without affecting my computer.
  2. Robin A.

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    Feb 25, 2006
    Yes, No.