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    Apr 12, 2005
    Hi all. I have been having problems with Chrome getting pop up malware. A window suddenly appeared saying that my computer is infected, and if I call a certain phone number they can fix it. Then my AV blocked something and put it in quarantine, and my MBAM blocked something else. I ran a full scan but my Emsisoft found nothing, and neither did MBAM. I tried uninstalling Chrome and re-installing it but that didn't help. I tried going to a different snapshot in my Raxco Instant Recovery, but that didn't help. So I think the problem is in the hidden files for Chrome. I checked show hidden files in the folder options, and went to Appdata\local\google chrome hoping to delete the Chrome folder, but it says I need Administrator Permission. It's been so long since I had to get that, I have forgot how to get the Administrator permission. I remember right clicking some where and clicking run as Administrator but I can't make that option appear. Can someone please give me the instructions how it's done?
    Also, if I delete the Chrome folder, would I be able to re-install Chrome as a new user?
    Thanks in advance.