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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Ramondo, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. Ramondo

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    Defender Pro plus has created a problem after installation of Microsoft's sevice pack 2. I am not able to display any WEB pages. Microsoft says it is due to defender Pro product. Microsoft tried to remove it but were not able. This instuction for uninstall, supplied by Defender Pro,as shown in there Q&A did not work for me after installing service pack 2. When I click on the uninstall it actually installs it. The programs does not show at all under MS installer in the control panel.
    It will not let me delete the files directly. Any ideas? I am not able to use internet service because web pages will not display. Microsoft tech support and my internet provider were not able to correct this problem even after 3 hours on the phone to them. HELLLLLLLLLP.
  2. Blackcat

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    Nov 22, 2002
    Christchurch, UK
    Some suggestions;

    1. By default, the Windows Firewall is enabled in SP2. If you have the Defender Pro Firewall, AntiHacker, enabled, these 2 firewalls may have conflicted with each other. Well worth disabling one of these if you do have the 2 firewalls enabled.

    2. If the two firewalls are not conflicting, decide if you want to remove Defender Pro or SP2.

    If you decide to stay with SP2, roll back this Service Pack, ( hopefully you retained this option )then see if you can uninstall the AV now. Then re-install SP2.

    3. If the AV uninstall now works, try loading the AV after the SP2.

    4. Or install DPro again, but this time monitor the install with the free program Total Uninstall ( this program will monitor changes to the registry etc during the install ). Then try to uninstall using TU.

    Defender Pro is a big security suite with a number of separate modules, any of which may cause system instabilities. So it may be worth trying to run/ install it with a very lean configuration to start with e.g. just run with the AV module initially, then add any other modules you think you may need.

    Did you contact Defender Pro's support?

    Good Luck. Keep us posted.
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