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    Jan 4, 2014
    Hello All

    It is summer, and I taught my last class of this academic year last night.

    The absurd longevity of the agricultural calendar has always amused me, but I'll be hanging up my interactive whiteboard pen until late August here in the UK.

    So, playtime, and my distribution of choice over the summer is Deepin Linux, fresh from the People's Republic, last reviewed here I think in 2012, see the thread below...

    ... the most recent version is 2014.3, released in April this year (yes, 2015), based on Ubuntu Trusty.

    An initial test install on the venerable X61s reveals a really nice 'desktop experience', and a GUI software application ('Deepin Store') that is actually *usable*. The desktop is their own work - and very slick. Compiz/html/css based. Sort of like Trisquel only slightly more solid feeling based on half an hour so far.

    More when I have had a month on the system, including updating and writing a year's worth of teaching notes ('holiday' is a relative term for teachers - sort of means 'work on your own schedule instead of ours').