Deep Freeze 7 Console no detecting workstations

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by Pilot2, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Pilot2

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    Jun 26, 2012
    I've tried so far with 7.20 and 7.30 versions and I have the same problem. The Enterprise Console won't detect the workstations where I installed Deep Freeze. Funny thing is that a previous DF Enterprise Console version 6 will detect the Deep Freeze 7 workstations, but since it's a previous version I can't modify the workstations status.

    I've double checked everything, there are NOT firewall problems, the customization code assigned to the console is the SAME for the DF workstations installations, all the PCs are in the same subnet, I was able to use DF 6 without any kind of problem but since I need to use Windows 7 on the workstations I cannot longer use that version anymore.

    I was able to interact with the workstations using Faronics Core, being able to thaw or freeze them, but for some reason now the status values in the Core Server window won't update accordingly, meaning, if I send a 'freeze' order from Core Server to a workstation the command will be succesful but the change won't be reflected on the Core interfase. Worst yet, the same issue seems to affect when I try to add new workstations, these won't be detected anymore by Core Server. Reinstalling Faronics Core Agent and/ro DF in the workstations won't solve it. So I have now half of the workstations that can be thawed/frozen with Core Server but the changed won't be reflected on the main window, and new workstations that won't be detected by Core Server no matter what I do, so these must be changed manually one by one.

    I tried creating a new console and using it from a Windows XP workstations but the problem persists, but it served me to confirm it's not a customization code issue, since everytime you move a new console file to a new PC, when trying to open it you will be prompted with a dialog box that will ask you for a proper OTP password, and I generated it using the Administrator Configurator and it worked perfectly.

    The point is that I don't wanna go to every PC and manually thaw or freeze the workstation. There's a console and it's supposed to work. Any hints?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.