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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Tsu, Oct 2, 2004.

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  1. Tsu

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    Sep 16, 2004
    If 1 in 1000 of your users is encountering difficulty installing or running your product they will probably try your website, 1-800 or Google for help. They may end up here. 99.9% of your users will just merrily continue using your product. However, the 0.1% who might end up here sure are raising a stink. Problems with functionality ( scheuling, RAID etc ), problems with install/upgrades/uninstalls/reinstalls, problems getting a response from your support either here, on your web, email , 1-800 or fax.

    I like your product. I have tried evalation/trial versions of your competition and Acronis TI 8.0 has the features I want ( scheduling, incrimental, server backup etc) for myself and my clients backup and disaster recovery solutions. Your competition also does well but often doesn't have one or more of the features I need.

    I own one seat of TI 8.0 build 771. I installed the previous version and it ran okay except the scheduler fell asleep. I upgraded to 771 without any issues. However, I am putting on hold additional purchases for myself and recommendations to my clients.


    You are in danger of getting into a downward spiral of poor responsiveness, lost revenues, inabilty to maintain updates, not passing GO, not collect $200, and going directly to jail.

    I do not want to see happen to a product with your potential!

    But I will not purchase additional copies based on potential.

    Sales and Service generate revenue which allows you to support and enhanse your product which in turn generated more revenue. Ain't capitalism great, huh?

    This forum and others support channels are an investment in your future with us, your clients.

    You need to step up to the plate and deliver toute suite!

    Thus ends the surmon.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent my spleen.
Thread Status:
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