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  1. The Jackal

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    Mar 3, 2014
    I have a problem I need worked out. I think the solution will be complicated, so I guess I'm looking more for learning resources than direct advice, but direct advice is welcome also.

    I have the remains of a Win2000 server that had a bad RAID card of unknown make, and unknown RAID level, but presumably 5(three drives). It also had a Sony tape drive attached, and I have some of the tapes, but don't know how they were used, or what, if anything of value is one them.

    My order of preference is easily browsing the tapes, and pulling desired files off. A distant second is trying to rebuild the RAID array, and getting the files that way. I have the tape drive hooked up to a Win2kpro computer, and it /seems/ to work, but some of the options in the utility software lock the program up, and requires a reboot.

    I'm not familiar with RAID, or tape backup. Are there any good resources for learning? I have access to most versions of Windows for a test machine, and GNU/Linux if either of them are better than the other for recovery. Ideas?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.