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    Jul 30, 2014
    Finally got my lazy ass up and worked the QWebEngine-based CyberDragon little bit more.
    I call this Lite version because it's just a bare-bones browser currently. It has tabs, you can surf and watch some v9 YouTube videos and that's about it. No mp4 support right no because I need to A) figure out the damn patent things B) Try to upgrade my dev machine to more powerfull one in case I need to recompile the whole damn webengine.....

    Even so, it already surpasses some browsers out there in terms of privacy protection. It's has built-in, fast(!) tracker blocker (list based, regular expressions), memory only cookie store, uses latest QWebEngine for rendering (which itself is based on Chrome Blink-engine, without any google tracking ********) aaaand
    it has userdefinable Web API blocker, meaning you can write some little JavaScript .js file, put it into scripts subfolder and have it executed by the browser. Little bit like Greasymonkey scripts in FF.
    For example, the IFRAME sandbox protection is implemented with iframe.js in scripts folder. You can easily extend it to block other similar unneeded stuff.

    To test IFRAME sandbox protection (by default the iframe.js has all the protection enabled, later I make some GUI-controls for it) go to:

    Full protection looks like this:

    No protection (all the stuff commented out in iframe.js) looks like this:

    Battery API (which can be used for tracking) disabled test, go to:

    Web Audio enabled ( ....

    And disabled ...

    HTML5 stuff score ... (as you can see lot's of stuff needs to be disabled, I want to lower my score not improve it :D )

    Well. at least indexedDB is killed for now .... (will handle the rest later)

    And heres a preview of the browser itself (dark theme seems to be the rage these days, if you don't like just rename the style.qss to something else and then try

    The homepage is for now hard coded to:

    The reason it looks that weird is that because this browser does not save cookies any preference settings (here family filters disabled) would be lost but startpage allows also your own settings to obsfucated URL.

    As you can see there is a shell console in the background so it will tell whats happening (blocked stuff, and so on...), later make some nice GUI-controls...


    And donations always welcome.... ;) (hopely can get enough to upgrade my machine, otherwise you will be stuck to watching v9 videos in YouTube....)


    And the zip package itself (also over tor), 64-bit binary tested only with Windows 10:

    SHA256 (just in case): 4a43a5165216b68e354d5962371ad0dcefe04d18fa2269348ab724f911c36f76
    EDIT: Forgot to mention, if you need to whitelist some stuff then add manually (for now) to whitelist.txt
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