Cyber security is becoming a Dutch export

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    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for the link!

    There is a lot more to do in The Netherlands, I think, in both the privacy and security fields. Just for example: local communities, cities, ("gemeentes") where private info of citizens seems to be often shared with parties who should not have access to it. Medical info shared with parties who should not have access to it. The whole crap of the "social media" used by doctors and who not. And who is actually watching whether all these computers and devices are really secured and not also used to watch p*rn? And who is watching whether the connections that are used, are secure? And how secure is that DigiD now actually really and does the government spend enough effort and time and money to make it really secure? That DigiD is getting more and more important since the moment is getting nearer for when you can only use it to do your TAX. Oh well...