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  1. Hi guys a simple question, i know that when we delete files from our pc, these files are not permanently deleted but they could be easily recovered with specific tools. Thats why we should use programs such as "Eraser" to permanently delete them. My question is, what about the cut and paste?
    For example, i have files on my hard disk and i want cut and paste them on my external hard disk. When the process is completed the files i cutted from my hd are permanently removed or evidences of them are still on my hd? I think the second option right?

    There is a program such as "Eraser" but which allows me to cut and paste files or folders without leaving recoverable data behind?

    Thank you so much guys
  2. noone_particular

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    Aug 8, 2008
    I can't comment on the current versions of Eraser, but version 5.7 has that ability. It adds the context menu entry "secure move with eraser" which appears when you right click and drag the file to its new location.

    You can accomplish the same thing manually. Instead of cut and paste, use copy and paste, then overwrite the original file. The result would be the same.
  3. Thank you for the answer i actually have the last version of Eraser and i cant find this option, maybe its better i download the version 5.7?

    Also the manually option seems to work good but i think it needs too much time cause i have to copy the files plus i have to delete them with eraser, maybe the first option is faster, i dont know
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    I know it's not free, but good security and privacy usually isn't. BCWipe from Jetico. The best there is.

    Eraser is old hat and not near the program it used to be.
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