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  1. Hi,

    Playing with IE's option to create a custom privacy policy.

    Have adopted the default MEDIUM level policy to block all third party cookies. Reason for changing, most Dutch websites ask whether you allow them to use cookies which makes MEDIUM level condition nearly ineffective, because 9 out 10 people will click allow (hence only allow when they have a privacy policy and ask your consent is true and they are allowed).

    How to use: Save attached text file (privacy policy.TXT)

    How to import: Go to Internet Options as shown by picture below

    What is changed in the default Medium level policy? Set to "reject" as default for both NO-policy and NO-rules.
    <thirdParty noPolicyDefault="reject" noRuleDefault="reject" alwaysAllowSession="no">

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  2. This is the reason, why I block third party cookies by default

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    I'm not sure what a TPL has to do with you blocking third party cookies by default.
  4. Default level of IE accepts third party cookies with a privacy policy

    1. Google p3P tricks IE in accepting third party cookies while Google does not confirm to this (self regulating) standard

    2. Sites ask users to accept cookies, telling them what they will do with this data, users accpting can also cause third party cookies to be accepted.

    Therefore this custom policy is the same for first party cookies (in stead of accepting all, IE accepts them under certain conditions). This under certain conditions is maximized to three with the max number tracking TPL. So within a browsing session this is more limited as for instance just blocking third party cookies.
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