Customized browser search plugins and increased fingerprint?

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    I scanned pages of search results here & online. Saw nothing in titles or excepts.
    1st, not all search engines that allow customizing their search page "settings" are equal.
    Answers may vary, depending.

    In Firefox (before or after v57), what additional info can sites or trackers actually see, if using customized search engine plugins, for "privacy respecting, no logging search term sites??
    * Assume that browsers are using certain privacy enhancing settings and possibly NoScript and / or other addons (uBlocko, adblock plus, etc.), that are NOT allowing everythingl - for things they can control.

    Examples - DuckDuckGo, StartPage, & others, allow customizing settings & storing in various ways.
    DDG, can save custom parameters in a bookmark, a cookie, in the Cloud. Or you can D/L already customized plugins for many engines from Mycroft Project: Custom Search Engine Plugins_or Create Plugin - Firefox IE Chrome
    to install in Firefox.

    Using a bookmark or plugin from Mycroft, the browser address bar may look similar to
    That could be pretty unique for a user, if visited sites see any of it.

    * "private" search engine comments at bottom of their prefs page:
    (Note: specifying custom settings in the search URL can reduce privacy by leaking data to the clicked result sites.)
    Do they mean leaking if "Get method" is used, or for any & all searches, or what?

    * StartPage plugins must store custom parameters another way. Their custom plugins (created on their site) never show parameters in the address bar.

    * I'm confused by the Open Search format search plugins xml files, claiming to use Post method, 2 or 3 lines in the files show "Post" or "Get" methods.
    Fx developer tools > Console, the 1st line request (using custom DDG) from browser to search site shows "Post." Many other lines show Get.

    * I'm unclear how to tell using Fx Developer Tools, what data, by Post or Get method do search sites (like) DDG send to clicked on sites?
    * Re:'s comment: how could we see if the custom search parameters or other fingerprinting data are sent from "privacy, no logging" search sites to sites clicked on?

    If someone needs to see custom search plugin xml files, to review or give technical answers, I can upload a couple ( not too long).
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