Crucial M500/550 SSD hardware encryption warning

Discussion in 'hardware' started by BoerenkoolMetWorst, May 23, 2014.

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    The Crucial m500 and m550 series SSDs offer builtin hardware encryption and features the Opal 2.0, IEEE-1667 and MS eDrive standards. This means that, if you use Windows 8, you can use Bitlocker full disk encryption in combination with the hardware encryption feature, so there is no perfomance difference. If you use Windows 7, there are a few paid 3rd party softwares that can take advantage of it as well, though I'm not sure if they also require UEFI and/or TPM.
    If you don't want to use these softwares or use another operating system, it was assumed that setting an ATA hard drive password also enables the encryption.(Though it is of course easier to bruteforce due to limited password length.)
    However, it seems that this method may not work at all and your data is not protected:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.