CrashPlan for Linux: Wonderful, set and forget

Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by apathy, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Dec 10, 2004
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    After struggling with problems in SpiderOak I looked at a number of offsite backup solutions. Using DejaDup with S3 is still a possibility but their pricing structure worries me.

    After reading a ton of reviews and doing my own research I gave Crashplan a try and then signed up for Crashplan+. The software is Java which scared me at first but it is not heavy at all and you can tune the cpu/network usage in the settings. You can also change the archive encryption key with your own key or passphrase for those paranoid types like me.

    I set it to backup every night from 3am to 9am and while it keeps good logs and sends me weekly emails it is set and forget.

    The very cool thing about Crashplan+ is that of course you can upload your data to Crashplan central servers but you can upload them to another computer or with a friend. They are working on adding third party provider support as well so you can copy your data to Dropbox or someplace else. I like options and after using this for a couple months I love it. I've had to restore a few times and that was very easy.

    You can try out the free version if you are interested. I've learned my lesson about having backups near and far. I sleep better at night now ;)
Thread Status:
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