CoolMon v1.0

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    CoolMon v1.0

    Built in functionality
    CoolMon is a general purpose program, that can display any kind of text, in a highly configural window. To view some of the different configuration posibilities, please see the screenshots page. Below is a list of features and counter that CoolMon currently supports

    Processor usage (up to four CPU's)
    Number of Processes
    Number of Threads
    Process using the most CPU time
    Processor type
    Used/Free/Total page file
    Used/Free/Total RAM
    Free/Total/Grand Total Disk space (up to sixteen disks, also mapped network drives)
    Computer Uptime
    Date & Time
    Computer name
    User name
    All IP addresses
    Network read and write speed (up to four NICs)
    Total Bytes sent and received
    Battery status
    Special features
    Client/Server mode: CoolMon can be configured as a server and a client so that remote machines can be monitored. Simultaneous local and remote monitoring is possible, as multiple instances of the application can be started. CoolMon can also act as a web server, making it's data accessible though web services like SOAP/WDSL, as well as auto-save XML files in both formatted and unformatted structure.

    Process Exclusion: For people that run SETI, RC5, Folding@Home, Genome@Home, the UD Cancer Project or any other Distributed Computing client, it is possible to exclude this process from the total amount. This makes the Processor usage counter valuable, as it is not at a constant 100%. It is also possible to exclude multiple processes. (Not a member of any of the initiatives? Join!)

    Other special features include: custom update interval, degree of alpha transparency, display of processor usage in the systray, longest and average uptime display, flashing scroll lock light to indicate network activity.

    CoolMon was purposly built, so that functionality could very easily be extended, and many people have written applications plugins, and scripts, that work together with CoolMon, to show virtually any kind of data. Following is a short list, of extensions, currently existing for CoolMon:

    Motherboard Monitor temperature and fan speeds
    the song currently playing in Winamp
    Mails on a POP3 server
    Weather data from
    A computers external IP (for users behind a router)
    various SETI stats
    Please, check out the extensions page, for a full list, downloads of extensions.

    Technical requirements
    CoolMon uses the Windows performance counters, which are only available in Windows 2000 and XP. Therefore CoolMon will only have full functionality on these versions of Windows. CoolMon can run as a client on Windows 98 and Me with full functionality, but when run normally it will give you only partial information (i.e. RAM, page file, date & time, computer name, user name, ip addresses, disk space and MBM information). Please note that only Windows Me, 2000 and XP support Alpha Transparency, further limiting the possibilities in Windows 98.

    There has been little to no testing done in Windows 95 or Windows NT (or any other operating system). Reports on Windows NT are that CoolMon will display nothing at all when run locally, Windows 95 has not been tested at all. Future support for these Operating Systems is doubtful. There, if you use Windows 98 do not expect CoolMon to work!
Thread Status:
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