Convert to NTFS (PM), Resizing Cluster (DDS), Problem.

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by mant, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. mant

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    Sep 8, 2006
    Resizing Cluster Get Partition Table Error

    hello, i'm beginner..

    using Disk Director Suite 10, change cluster size from auto into 32kb, done.
    then i check disk using Partition Info from Partition Magic 8 tool, this message occured:

    Error #106: (Partition Table Error)
    Partition didn't begin on head boundary.
    (ucBeginSector expected to be 1, not 57.)

    says disk geometry has changed so PM mark my disk as totally BAD (in Yellow).
    PM wont start in Windows, because PM refuses to touch/recognize my disk for safety reason.

    Acronis DDS did not detect this error. i still cannot fix this, i won't reformating my entire disk.

    some effect is when i make backup using Acronis TI of C:/ 3GB it's process so slowly 40minutes, but done.
    other effect my booting windows is slowly, I thought my disk have some serious problem but still working.

    i rather to fix this error with Partition Editor in DD feature tools, but how?

    thank you.



    why i don't see NTFS version?
    is possible Acronis make wrong NTFS version and related to this problem?
    i'm using Disk Director 10 DOS.

    Partition Magic ERROR info:

    #106 Partition doesn’t start with sector one
    See error #105.

    #117 Partition’s drive letter cannot be identified
    Under OS/2, PartitionMagic must be able to find the drive letter for each partition before modifications can be made. There are various reasons why OS/2 might not be able to find a drive letter for each partition. For example, a driver on your system may change the drive letters from their defaults, or your partitions may not have serial numbers.
    You may also see this error when running PartitionMagic under Windows. The solution is to run PartitionMagic from DOS or from MS-DOS mode (in Windows 95 or Windows 9:cool:. When PartitionMagic runs from DOS or from MS DOS mode, it does not need to be able to find the drive letter for each partition. Thus, if the problem indicated by this error message is the only problem, PartitionMagic can run successfully.

    #105 Partition starts on wrong boundary
    The hard-disk partition table contains erroneous values. PartitionMagic expects partitions to begin and end on the correct cylinder boundaries. If they do not, the disk may be partially corrupted. In this circumstance, if PartitionMagic were to make any modifications it might cause the loss of data. Therefore, PartitionMagic refuses to recognize any of the hard disk’s partitions. To resolve this problem, see the instructions in “Resolving Partition Table Errors” on page 126.
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