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Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by hjbyram, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Edited to say this:
    Well heck, cleared up a lot of things by reading the FAQs & importing some additional provided rules from the FAQs.
    Also found out my Westell Modem Firewall, supposedly pre-configured for medium security, was set to NO security. As soon as I changed the Westell Firewall settings to Medium, items in the log are no longer there.
    I am still having problems getting the Plugin LookAtThis to work & have not found anything yet for configuring this plugin.

    Original Post Below:
    Question 1 -
    I am trying to clear up some of the items in the Log. I added the IGMP rule for Internet to PC, per the sticky Configuring Look'n'Stop with Routers. I am still getting an IGMP message in the log, but now it is PC to Internet with a Destination Address IGMP.MCAST.NET. Should I simply change my IGMP rule to handle both Inbound & Outbound?

    I have Verizon DSL with Westell Versalink 327W modem/router, Windows XP SP2, and no Networks setup at this time.

    Question 2 -
    To help identify some of the UPD messages in my Log, I installed the Plugin LookAtThis. This plugin is configurable, but I am clueless how to configure it & haven't found too much info on it other than how to download/install.

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