Comodo Internet Security 6.1 released!

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  1. Solarlynx

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    Jun 25, 2011
    From Egemen:
    Hello Everyone,

    We have just released CIS/CAV/CFW 6.1.275152.2801! In this release, we tried to address a lot of issues according to your feedback. Issues like malicious software trying to bypass our sandbox or performance bugs or software not working properly in sandbox etc.

    What's new in 6.1.275152.2801?

    NEW! Drag n Drop support in rule editors
    NEW! View Connections dialog which shows active connections without having to install Killswitch
    NEW! Ability to exclude files while restoring from quarantine
    There are over 200 bug fixes in this release. Below are the selected few:
    FIXED! cmdagent.exe consumes 100% FIXED! CPU when the size of cache is big enough
    FIXED! Sandboxed Google Chrome does not open Web pages if CIS and Bitdefender installed
    FIXED! Matousec Fileacc1 test fails
    FIXED! Malware can load drivers under certain circumstances bypassing the protection
    FIXED! 100% CPU consumption while running certain .jar files real-time
    FIXED! In Win8 x86, BSOD while scanning with CCE
    FIXED! Online videos don’t display correctly in kiosk Dragon when full screen
    FIXED! BSOD From Running Iobit Advanced SystemCare
    FIXED! Sandboxed malware causes BSOD

    Download Location:

    You should be already getting update notifications. No need to reinstall.

    We are not going to issue updates for 5.x users yet but we plan to make another release in a few weeks with summary screen improved to address some of your feedback. Once we reach this milestone, we will issue updates for 5.x users.
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