Combinations of Firefox privacy addons

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    I've searched a good bit for fairly technical articles covering recent Firefox (now v49) privacy addons; which ones compliment others well & which ones just overlap or even conflict - and WHY. Some of these add security.

    What are some of the privacy addon combos - or a single - that block most ads, most trackers - that don't take all your time figuring out what's breaking the page? For quite a while, using NoScript + Ghostery and / or AdBlock(xxx) worked pretty well. Now, they've become a pain, unless you allow most scripts / trackers - temporarily.

    There's a lot of overlap in many of these now. I haven't tried uMatrix or uBlocko, but guessing there's still overlap?

    The internet landscape has changed a lot recently - what sites require so they work, and what they use for tracking. It's getting harder to use multiple privacy addons, unless you don't really block much except ads. CDNs & trackers are becoming extremely complicated.

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    i dropped adblock (ABP) and noscript for uBlock (origin) - it offers me 2in1. uMatrix extends some settings

    i am no friend of Ghostery, BetterPrivacy or Privacy Badger and similar - most users already have ABP+NoScript and those do not really extend the used features. and ofc uBo can use their lists and filters so i have several options to extend one extension and dont need to install 3,4,5 or more. at least some filter webcontent to death.

    CDN are normal these times, more and more websites use common used libraries which are up-to-date each time loading, no need to block. trackers are locked bei uBo.

    uBo and uM overlap filter lists like HOSTS file - use only one.

    one to mention - uBlock origin extends my browser settings - which are important. if that were maxed out i would investigate in some extension(s)

    to mention - firefox already uses a donottrack-list internally. (beside the google safe list)

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    Normally speaking, Ghostery shouldn't break 99% of all pages. The problem is that the newest version kinda sucks from a privacy point of view. It tries to trick you into sharing your blocking data and configuring of Ghostery can only be done via their server, it can not be done locally anymore. So who knows what data is being transferred from your PC.
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