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    Dec 6, 2007
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    June 19, 2012-Colasoft announces the release of Capsa network analyzer 7.6

    Capsa Network Analyzer 7.6 is released with analysis task scheduler and many more new features and improvements.

    New Features & Improvements:

    • Unique Analysis Task Scheduler Used to Preset Time for Analysis Projects;
    • Global Configurations Can Be Exported & Imported;
    • Display Filters Are Provided for Isolating & Viewing Particular Items;
    • Report with User-defined Name & Optional Statistic Items is Available;
    • Logs can be automatically saved in *.csv format.
    • Capsa can now identify encryption type of AP automatically.
    • An MAC address column is added to the Log tab.
    • Settings for analysis profile have been optimized.
    • Local engine settings are merged into Options on the Menu button.
    • Capsa can now decode Tunnel IP in IP protocol.
    • Analysis profiles, such as Traffic Monitor, Protocol Analysis and IM Analysis have been

    Bugs Fixed
    • The layout of columns, including column arrangement and column width, cannot be memorized.
    • The Find dialog box cannot remember the search content typed last time.

    September 26, 2011-Colasoft Enhances Capsa Network Analyzer with TCP Flow Analysis

    Capsa Network Analyzer 7.5 is released with TCP Flow Analysis and many more new features and improvements.

    New Features & Improvements:

    • Powerful TCP flow analysis for application performance optimization
    • Add ICQ monitor to analyze and log ICQ activities
    • Support RADIUS protocol analysis
    • Intuitive TCP transaction sequence diagram
    • Enhanced user interface & performance

    Dec 24, 2010-Colasoft Announces Beta Release of Capsa for WiFi

    Colasoft announced beta release of its wireless network analyzer-Capsa for WiFi, a powerful and professional wireless network analyzer designed for complete 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless network troubleshooting, monitoring and analysis, with any of the most popular wireless network adapters.

    Capsa for WiFi Highlights:

    • Support 802.11a/b/g/n
    • Auto identify and decode with pre-entered WEP/WPA/WPA2 key
    • Compatible with all NDIS 6.0 wireless network adapters
    • Auto -scan all access points in the air
    • Capture all wireless network packets from one or more APs and keep APs records
    • Log DNS, Emails (SMPT POP3), FTP, HTTP & IM messages (MSN & Yahoo Messenger)
    • Provide customizable analysis profile and 40 expert diagnosed network problems
    • Provide powerful and customizable reports
    • Analyze post-events by replaying packet files

    June 22,2010-Colasoft Capsa 7.2.1's Coming with IM & Email Monitor

    Colasoft announces the release of Capsa 7.2.1-the latest version of our flagship product. The new version 7.2.1 comes out with the prominent features: Email monitor, MSN & Yahoo Messenger monitor

    New Features & Improvements:

    • Support MSN, Yahoo Messenger monitoring.
    • Support saving email content to hard disk.
    • Support opening project file from Capsa 6.9.
    • Display connection number of each node in the Matrix tab.

    Bug fixed:

    • The IP address range and mask condition of filter may not work.
    • Cannot change 0 to another number in Analysis Profile Options.
    • No separate check for Windows version of 32/64 bits before network adapter driver registry.
    • Too much time to initiate a project.
    • Wrong Delta Time in Packet tab.

    March 9,2010 - Colasoft Capsa 7.1.2

    Colasoft has released the update of Capsa Network Analyzer-v7.1.2, following are the improvements:

    • Add Duplicate function for Network Profiles and Analysis Profiles in Start Page.
    • New Start Page makes it easy to use.
    • Add Local Engine Setting build in System Menu.
    • Editing function of Network Profile and Analysis Profile moved to context menu.
    • Format and Reporting setting page moved from “System Options” dialog to “Local Engine Setting” dialog

    Bug Fixed:
    • Cannot add new network group in Network Profile when auto network config detection failed.

    “Colasoft Capsa 7.1.2 provides you with enhanced user experience by redesigning the Start Page. And some new features and changes are provided, too. The new Start Page design is intended to give users a clear guide so that users can spend time capturing and monitoring, other than learning how to use the software”, said Roy Luo, CEO of Colasoft. “Some functions are added while some are deleted, it’s our ultimate goal to make Capsa the most easy-to-use network analyzer”.

    Feb 4, 2010 - Colasoft Capsa 7.1

    Colasoft has release a brand new version of Capsa 7.1, it makes improvements and adds new features as below:
    • New interface style.
    • New global dash board.
    • New Diagnose view provides overview of related hosts list. Rapidly pinpoint problem hosts.
    • Add Network Profile. It is a series of settings for different network environment, which including Network Group, Name Table, Alarm and Network Bandwidth setting.
    • Add new analysis solutions. Include Global Analysis, Large Traffic Analysis and various frequently-used protocols analysis.
    • Add online real-time alerts.
    • Add new time sequence diagram for TCP conversation. Show both SYN and ACK response of TCP connection.
    • Real-time analysis. Set adapters as source of data collection, which provide an intuitive display of traffic.
    • Replay analysis. Set archive packet files as source of second time analysis. Support various replay speeds and provide retrospective analysis of historical issues.
    • Support customized protocols for Ethernet ¢ò, IP, TCP, UDP.
    • Support customized graphs.
    • Support customized report and export as PDF.
    • Enhanced packet filters.

    "With the latest Microsoft Office 2007 style, Colasoft Capsa 7.1 provides you with a brand new user interface and enhanced user experience. The new design is intended to display statistics and diagnosis data in a simple-straight and graphical style so that users can get what they want with less clicks", said Kevin Zhou, director of marketing. "Some unique features and ideas are introduced to Capsa7.1, like Network Profile, this function allows user to set and save network profiles for different environments (departments, clients), making their analysis more customized, accurate and efficient. Another prominent feature is Analysis Objective which provides flexible, extensible and effective analysis performance based on user's analysis objectives".


    July 1, 2009 - Colasoft Capsa 6.9 R2

    Colasoft has released Capsa 6.9 R2, packet sniffer software designed for network monitoring and troubleshooting purpose.

    New Features:
    • Support Windows 7 32bit and 64bit Edition.
    • Packet Player: Support replay multiple packet files simultaneously.
    • Globally added two new options: alias(or hostname) and address can be displayed simultaneously.
    • There is a new option in the global Option settings users can enable to prevent hibernation when capturing.
    • New protocol ISL and FCoE can be recognized now.
    • Decoders for ISL, FCoE protocols.
    • Support Windows Server 2008 32bit and 64bit Edition.

    • A online help section activated in Start Page below Quick Link.
    • The Loopback won't be shown in the NIC test wizard.

    Bug fixed:
    • A wrong value has been displayed in the decode area for IP Fragment Offset.
    • Users login as other windows ID will have to reactivate Capsa each time.

    Oct 20, 2008 - Colasoft Capsa 6.9

    This new release has the following features and improvements.

    New Features:
    • Globally added two new option: Show Physical address as & Show IP address as.
    • A new option added to prevent hibernation when capturing.
    • Support decoding ISL, FCoE

    • A online help section activated in Start Page below Quick Link.
    • The Loopback won't be shown in the NIC test wizard.
    Bug fixed:
    • A wrong value has been displayed in the decode area for IP Fragment Offset.


    July 07, 2008 - Colasoft Capsa 6.8

    This new release has the following features and improvements.

    New Features:
    • New Option for "Auto save packet file" in General Settings to specify the length of each packet to be saved.
    • New GEO column in Endpoint View.
    • New dock window for "Online Resources".
    • New protocols decoder supported: Bittorrent, Emule, MSSQL, TNS.

    • Updated the lib for National IP Address information.
    • Improved the DNS analysis modules.
    Bug fixed:
    • When the program is not running, openning unsupported packet file by double click may cause incorrect value under count value in Summary View and Diagnosis view.


    February 21, 2008 - Colasoft Capsa 6.7

    This new release has the following features and improvements.

    New Features:
    • 110 new protocols supported, including Time, Nameserver, Tacacs, Xns-time, JE, Discard, Systat, Qotd, MSP, Daytime, Msg-auth, Auditd, Ni-ftp, MPM, MPM-snd, Re-mail-ck, La-maint, XNS-ch, XNS-auth, XNS-mail, Tacacs-ds, Mit-ml-dev, CTF, NPP, DCP, Supdup, Swift-rvf, Tacnews, Mcidas, Pwdgen, Cisco-fna, Cisco-tna, Cisco-sys, Statsrv, Emfis-data, Emfis-cntl, GGP, HMP, PRM, RDP, IRTP, NETBLT, DCCP, IDPR, DDP, SDRP, IDRP, DSR, NARP, TLSP, PVP, SMP, PTP, CRTP, CRUDP, PIPE, FC, SPS, SNP, ISO-TP4, SKIP, CFTP, EIGRP Hello, EIGRP Query, EIGRP Reply, EIGRP Update, Login, Who, Yahoo Messenger, X-Window, ISMP, UMA, ISO-TP0, ISO-IP, BFTP, SGMP, SGMP-traps, NAMP, Send, RIS, MPP, CDC, Http-mgmt, PIP, Rtsps, Pdap, NSRMP, RSVP_tunnel, IBM-app, SNPP, RCP, NMSP, IDFP, SCC Security, Submission, Password-chg, SMIP, XDAS, CFS, RAMP, ACNET, Sflow, CRIP, TRIP, Mnet-discovery, Rwhois, SCCP, Citrix ICA, Rexec, Biff, RTP with VLC.
    • Support decoding GGP, ISMP, IGRP, EIGRP, CDP, CGMP.

    Bug Fixed:
    • DHCP decoder may cause program hang when decoding certain DHCP packets.
    • On Windows x64 platform, cannot start capture due to packet buffer size validation failure if available physical system memory larger than 2GB.


    November 5, 2007 – Colasoft Capsa 6.6

    This new release has the following features and improvements.

    New Features:

    • Support Windows Vista 64-bit Edition;
    • 15 new protocols supported: Tunnel, Echo, CMIP-Agent, CMIP-Man, SFTP, RAP, RLP, Radius, Radius-acct, Radius-dynauth, eMule, PPlive, SShell, Kerberos, Windows NLB.


    • Port 4443 now recognized as AIM protocol.

    Bug Fixed:

    • Packet distribution statistics does not work when restart capturing after open an existing project file;
    •The 1 byte packet value filter does not work correctly with byte masks.
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