Cloud backup with encryption on data at rest

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    I am looking for a cloud backup service which encrypts data in transit and at rest. I evaluated Memopal, IDrive and Mega but these are not meeting my requirements.

    Memopal is good and I have been using it from a long time but it does not encrypts data at rest.

    IDrive: I am not sure it also encrypts data at rest or not.

    Mega: Their desktop client app. is only for sync and not for backup. I don't require sync. Manually I have to open web interface and upload files but this is not suitable for automated continuous backups.

    As of now I am using Boxcryptor to encrypt files before it goes to Memopal, but I need one more level of security of encryption of data at rest in the cloud.

    Can someone let me know any service which offers at least 5 GB of free cloud backup and encryption of data at rest?
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    If you encrypt your data before it is uploaded to the cloud then it will be encrypted during transit and while at rest in the cloud. The problem is terms such as "encrypted on the client", "encrypted during transit", and "encrypted while at rest in the cloud" (individually, or even combined) are vague and don't necessarily mean that all your data [including revealing metadata] will be as well protected as you want it to be.

    For example, some client side encryption mechanisms may support fully private keys that are never exposed to any cloud storage provider, but encrypt files individually and in a way that would allow file/folder names and arrangements, file size information, file creation/modification times, and/or file content hashes to be revealed to the cloud storage provider. A cloud storage provider may advertise encryption during transit and encryption while at rest, but may also fail to fully encrypt everything and/or may handle keys in a way that allows them (and some other party that has power over them or otherwise gains access to their systems) to decrypt everything that is uploaded to their cloud.

    IOW, you may want to be more specific about your objectives.
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