ClamAV for Windows (Immunet) with local Clam libs

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    ClamAV for Win 3.0 (Immunet) with local Clam libs

    With the current active discussions about Immunet's MRG tests and Sourcefire acquisition, it seems the following might garner some interest:

    ClamAV for Windows (Immunet with a branded ClamAV UI) has now a "Beta 1" (released Dec 14) of version 3.0 with local ClamAV extensions. So, Free runs like Immunet Plus but ClamAV and not BitDefender/Tetra. "Binaries are still labeled 2.0."

    It would seem there will be a paid version which will add the Tetra driven BitDefender in a dual-engine "Immunet Plus Plus" edition.


    That's about all the info there is, so any questions posted up here will hopefully be answered by Immunet/Clam staff.

    The beta is running without issue on two of my systems in parallel with other anti-AV/AS/malware apps.

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