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    Greetings All,

    Our ISR technologies are assisted by an OFT, open file technology, driver to make perfect copies of the operating system. An OFT allows a perfect point in time snapshot of the operating system without having to close applications or users log off.

    At this point in time, Leapfrog Software offers two OFT offerings:

    Leapfrog Software RSS: Our OFT is included with our ISR technologies and provides the very minimal (lean and mean) of what is needed to make a perfect copy of the OS. It is currently the default for Windows 2000.

    Microsoft VSS: For Windows XP/2003/Vista, Microsoft has introduced their own OFT called VSS. VSS is the heavyweight of OFT’s. It provides the same raw features of our RSS, and additionally supports “requesters” and “writers”. A “requester” is an application requiring a backup of the system, in this case our ISR technology. Once a “requester” has asked for a snapshot of the OS, the VSS-aware “writers” perform application specific tasks that may purge and clean-up databases, flush buffers to disk, etc. Two examples of VSS-aware “writers” are Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SQL Server. VSS is currently the ISR default for Windows XP/2003/Vista.

    Some users have requested to switch between the two.

    Switch from VSS to RSS
    1. From a command prompt, cd \$ISR\$APP\Setup | ISRSetup -install -rss
    2. Reboot your computer

    Switch from RSS to VSS
    1. cd \$ISR\$APP\Setup | ISRSetup -install -vss
    2. Reboot your computer

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