CC-Enhancer: Add more power to CCleaner

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  1. ComputerSaysNo

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    Aug 9, 2012
    CC-Ehancer is a nifty tool to add more power to the world's most rated cleaning application CCleane,r which is developed by Pinsoft. It add's up to 500 new programs to be cleaned which is a great improvement to CCleaner's already legendary cleaning abilities.

    Singularlabs is the team behind this software and it doesn't require any huge amount of PC skills to operate it. The software itself is a exe file, which downloads a new rule set when you click on the download now option. It's small coming in at a bit over 350kb and is stand alone meaning it doesn't need to be installed.

    CC-Enhancer has options for the portable version of CCleaner as-well, making it a nice addition for portable app users. The GUI is simple but sleak as you can tell by this picture

    In summary CC-enhancer is a great weapon in the fight to clear your computer of junk. There are almost zero negatives and this software comes highly recommended.

    The good: Over 500 more cleaning options/easy to use/lists are updated
    The bad: Need a internet connection to get lists

    CC-enhancer can be downloaded from, CNET & softpedia.
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    It's nice but I prefer to manually download and install the updated Winapp2.ini from the source.
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