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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by diane, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. diane

    diane Registered Member

    Aug 17, 2005
    i want to minimize or hide the spywareguard window. i cant close it or it will shut down protection. when i double click the icon in my system tray all it does it make the title bar on the window blink.

    how can i close the window without losing protection? id ike to see a context menu pop up with some different options when right-clicking the icon, like the aforementioned hide or minimize.
  2. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    Feb 18, 2003
    The Big Smoke
    Hi Diane. :)

    Welcome to Wilders.

    U should never need to run Spywareguard minimized.

    When u double click on the SG icon on the system tray that should bring up the GUI with all the options....

    U might want to try uninstalling then reinstalling again.

Thread Status:
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