Cannot install 2nd OS after following Disk Director manual

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by Luminous, Sep 24, 2004.

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  1. Luminous

    Luminous Registered Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    I need to install a fresh copy of XP Pro onto a machine which already has an installation of XP and DOS.

    I have been able to create multi boot environment with DOS wihtout a problem. What stumps me is trying to get the damn thing to boot with my CD. Yes, I have enabled the correct option in the BIOs, and yes I can boot using the CD BEFORE I get to Acronis OS Selector. Problem is, the instructions in the manual specificatlly stipluate that you should double click on the new Floppy icon you create to start the process. Whenever I try to do this, I get the following message:

    "Acronis OS Selector was unable to load boot from floppy A: (2) operating system: the boot sector cannot not be read."

    Yes there is a typo in the error messgae, that is exactly how it appears on screen.

    This method of installation does work when I have a floppy in the drive, but Windows installs from a CD. The manual says that I can do this, but I cannot get it to work.

    Here is the relevant section from the manual:
    After you prepare a partition, you can start the installation by means of Acronis OS Selector: • Select New → Boot from floppy in the OS section of the Acronis OS Selec-tor main menu
    Installing and using several operating systems on a single PC
    Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0 95
    • Having created a new floppy boot context, you will see its icon in the central part of Operating Systems main window and will have to set its properties. If the bootable part of the already-installed Windows copy is located on an NTFS partition, set the partition to install the additional OS copy as active (Operations → Properties → Partitions for this operating system)If the bootable part of the already installed Windows copy is located on a FAT16/FAT32 partition, it is recommended that you hide this partition by set-ting it as Hidden (Operations → Properties → Partitions for this OS.) • Having set the boot context properties, reboot, insert the bootable diskette of a new Windows copy and select the above item in the Acronis OS Selector boot menu If you only have a bootable CD and no diskettes, all the properties you have set for Boot from floppy will work for this CD as well. You will have to reboot, insert the CD and select the respective item in the boot menu. But first you will have to ad-just BIOS settings so the PC boots from a CD first. During Windows installation, the bootable part will automatically select the pri-mary partition you have previously set as active. When you boot either version of Windows using Acronis OS Selector later, each OS in the list will recognize the partition where its bootable part is located as ac-tive.
  2. WOFJ

    WOFJ Guest

    Try this:

    After this message, press ctrl+alt+del. Your computer will restart and because you have selected the cd-rom as the first boot-up device, the installation from the cd will start. You will found out that all the properties you have selected when creating the floppy boot context is enable and see by the 2nd OS (e.g all the partition that should be hidden or set active and the primary partition that is going to be see by the 2nd os as c: drive). So after the installations, activate acronis Ti using the bootable rescue media.
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