Can Paragon Suite 11 do this and how?

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by Sonnie, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. Sonnie

    Sonnie Registered Member

    Dec 17, 2011
    I was looking around for some sort of software that could accomplish a couple of things for me and found some recommendations for Paragon, but after downloading the trial copy with the manual, I am a bit overwhelmed by all the information. I think it might take me a few years to understand it all, but maybe with some advise I can accomplish my desired tasks in less than 365.

    It would be nice to know if I can and if I will be able to do these tasks before I spend the money to purchase the program.

    1. I have a laptop (Dell XPS) with a 120GB SSD running W7 Pro 64-bit. I have purchased a new laptop (Sony VAIO) that I will be replacing the HDD with a new and improved 120GB SSD in it. I want to copy/clone the SSD I have on my Dell XPS laptop onto the new SSD on the new Sony VAIO laptop. Is this possible with Paragon Suite and if so, which particular instructions should I follow in the manual... or can someone maybe give me a brief outline here as to how I accomplish this. Thanks!

    2. I have another laptop (HP HDX) that is running Vista 64-bit on a HDD. After I get the info off of the 120GB SSD in my current Dell XPS laptop above, I want to format it and use it in this Vista HP HDX laptop. I would like to keep my programs and files that are on the Vista HP HDX notebook, but upgrade the OS to W7 Pro 64-bit. Is this possible with Paragon Suite and if so, what would be the steps for this? Thanks!

    3. Can I do this with one license of Paragon, or do I need two?

    I sincerely appreciate any assistance provided.

  2. seekforever

    seekforever Registered Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    I've never done it but Paragon is supposed to do it. I've always considered a new PC the time to do a fresh install, get rid of the never used apps, and refresh my memory on setup. It also gets rid of any future "I wonder if converting the old OS stuff is the reason for this obscure problem" thoughts. OTOH, people obviously do use the mechanism to change hardware.

    The problem that needs to be attacked is different hardware requires different drivers and perhaps other mystical settings in the OS. The Hard Disk Manager program does this with an item called P2P. The Backup & Recovery Home program has a new feature called Adaptive Restore 3. What the differences are and which one is better, I have no idea.

    The basic idea is that you make a backup, probably an image, of your current OS and then P2P or Adaptive Restore when restoring to the new drive causes it to take whatever steps it does to update the hardware related/driver information. I don't know if P2P or Adaptive Restore has to be invoked to make a special backup or only processes on the restore.

    In the second case, changing from Vista to W7, you could make an image and restore it to the old SSD which now puts it into service. You could then use the Windows upgrade path which AFAIK works from Vista to W7 but not XP. This would leave you with the old mechanical Vista HD as an good backup in case of any problems with the conversions.

    I strongly suggest that you ensure your personal data files are well-backed up before you do any to this. Your situation in this regard isn't too risky since you will have the original HD in each case as a backup, that is, as long as you don't blow away the old SSD right away to convert the second machine.

    This is how I would approach it but I don't well know all of the Paragon features and you will have to decide which program Hard Disk Manager or Backup & Recovery you wish to use. Hopefully, some of the more experienced Paragon users will come forward with more information on your task.
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