Calibre 4.0 released with new e-book viewer and new server capabilities

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  1. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Calibre 4.0 released with new e-book viewer and new server capabilities
    October 4, 2019
    Calibre v4.0 Released (October 4, 2019)
    What's New (See what's new in calibre 4.0)
  2. SouthPark

    SouthPark Registered Member

    Jun 13, 2012
    I just tried the portable today and I'm impressed! It renders e-book pages much better than Sumatra viewer and allows copy/paste too.
  3. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Calibre v4.1 Released (October 7, 2019)
    What's New
    New features
    • Viewer: Add an option to have a scrollbar (under Scrolling in the viewer preferences)
    • Viewer: Allow showing the 'position in book', as was displayed in the top left of the viewer in calibre 3, in the header or footer of the viewer.
      Closes tickets: 1846700

    • Viewer: Add options to control scrolling using the mouse in paged mode.
      Closes tickets: 1846800

    • Viewer: Allow copying images by right clicking on them.
      Closes tickets: 1846903

    • Viewer: Add a preference under Miscellaneous to allow only a single instance of the viewer
    • Viewer: Add keyboard shortcuts to toggle between paged mode and flow mode and to quit
    • Content server: Make the book size useable in custom book list templates.
      Closes tickets: 1846839

    • Edit metadata: Use a border rather than background color to indicate correct title and author sort values. Works better with dark themes.
      Closes tickets: 1846967

    • Kobo driver: Support for new firmware
    Bug fixes
    • Viewer: Fix a couple of bugs in flow mode. Scrolling to anchors was not working and remembering last read position was not working
    • Viewer: Fix text after comments not being rendered. Note that the book has to be reloaded if already viewed for the fix to apply.
      Closes tickets: 1846875

    • Viewer: Fix loading progress screen sometimes getting stuck if changing pages rapidly.
      Closes tickets: 1846751

    • Viewer: Fix failing to open books if path to cache contains symbolic links.
      Closes tickets: 1846834

    • Viewer: When restoring from fullscreen go back to maximized state if window was maximized when entering full screen.
      Closes tickets: 1846753

    • Viewer: Fix shortcut changes not being applied after pressing OK if shortcut list is closed by pressing Esc.
      Closes tickets: 1846765

    • Fix a regression that broke reading metadata from ODT files that do not have keywords.
      Closes tickets: 1846828

    • PDF Output: Fix a bug that prevented the first style property in the header or footer template from being applied
    • PDF Output: Fix error with a few embedded TTF fonts.
      Closes tickets: 1846982

    • Edit book: Font manager: Fix removing embedded font failing if @font-face rule has no src.
      Closes tickets: 1847052

    • Viewer: Hide the browser provided scrollbar that flashes momentarily on page load.
      Closes tickets: 1846922

    • Viewer: Fix clicking on margins causing keyboard shortcuts to not work until the main text is clicked on again
    • Comments editor: Workaround for Qt converting ids into anchors
    • Possible workaround for some windows machines where the viewer is getting access denied errors while renaming a directory
    • Viewer: When there is empty text for an header footer section render it as blank instead of moving the remaining sections to the left
    Improved news sources
    • Fortune Magazine
  4. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Calibre v4.2 Released (October 18, 2019)
    What's New
    New features
    • macOS: Various improvements to dark mode support
    • Viewer: Dont generate covers for books that dont have a cover. Note that because of this all previously opened books will again be prepared for first time reading.
    • Viewer: Restore print to PDF functionality
    • Viewer: Allow also jumping to book positions in Goto->Location
    • Content server: When adding books and a duplicate is suspected provide more information about what books match the duplicate
    • FB2 Output: Speed up conversion of images and handle external links
    • Viewer: If the book has no ToC try to generate one from headings, if any.
      Closes tickets: 1847277

    • Viewer: Improve rendering of comics. No blank pages after large images or after every image in multi-page mode.
    • Viewer: Make it easier to use the bookmarks panel with only keyboard.
      Closes tickets: 1847423

    • Viewer: Set the classes calibre-viewer-paginated and calibre-viewer-scrolling on the <body> tag in Paged and Flow modes. This allows the User styles to target these modes, if needed.
      Closes tickets: 1847427

    • Viewer: Use the same loading spinner as is used by the rest of calibre
    Bug fixes
    • Edit book: Fix a crash when editing CSS files caused by a behavior change in Qt 5.13.
      Closes tickets: 1846760

    • Fix a regression in 4.0 that broke rendering of PDF covers for PDF files that used JPEG2000 compression.
      Closes tickets: 1847567

    • Viewer: Fix a regression in 4.1 that broke creating new color schemes
      Closes tickets: 1847407

    • Viewer: Fix error while viewing books with a comment after a <meta> tag.
      Closes tickets: 1847977

    • Viewer: Fix an error when processing a CFI with an invalid text offset.
      Closes tickets: 1848320

    • Viewer: Fix scrolling backwards to previous chapter not always scrolling to the end of the chapter, if the chapter loads external resources.
      Closes tickets: 1847818

    • Viewer: Fix hang on books with namespaced attributes on <html> that do not belong to a known ebook namespace.
      Closes tickets: 1846886

    • Viewer: Fix search history not persisting between viewer restarts.
      Closes tickets: 1847976

    • Viewer: Fix scrollbar showing up on initial book open even if disabled in preferences.
      Closes tickets: 1847323

    • Viewer: Fix rendering of books with mathematics failing
    • Viewer: When changing between individual sections/chapters in the book, only render the new chapter after loading is complete
    • Viewer: Fix scrolling by screenfuls not working correctly in flow mode
    • EPUB 2 metadata: Fix obfuscated fonts being broken when updating metadata if the file uses Adobe font obfuscation and the identifier with the key has an uppercase UUID scheme name.
      Closes tickets: 1847890

    • Viewer: Fix right clicking on margins not showing controls
    • Viewer: Preselect text in search box when showing it.
      Closes tickets: 1847677

    • Viewer: Fix SVG images that use xlink:href to refer to paths not being displayed.
      Closes tickets: 1847181

    • Content server: Fix detection of iOS on iPAD with iOS 13 which defaults to desktop mode
    • Metadata jacket: Fix <br> tags in the comments not being rendered correctly when inserting the comments into the jacket page.
      Closes tickets: 1848327

    • Viewer: Show nicer error message for DRMed books
      Closes tickets: 1847468

    • Viewer: Fix preferences under Scrolling behavior not being saved correctly
    • Viewer: Fix remembered position sometimes off by one page in paged mode.
      Closes tickets: 1847322

    • Viewer: restrict max size of margin page turn indicators to 25px rather than 75px
    • Viewer: Dont flash the home page before loading a book if a book has been specified
    • Viewer: Fix ctrl+m shortcut not working on windows
    • Content server: Fix regression that caused series name in book details view not not be blue to indicate it is clickable
    Improved news sources
    • Various Polish news sources
    • Il Sole 24 Ore
  5. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Calibre v4.3 Released (November 8, 2019)
    What's New
    New features
    • Viewer: Halve the time taken to prepare large EPUB files for first open
    • Viewer: Add an optional toolbar with common actions turn it on under Preferences->Miscellaneous
    • Viewer: Change the default color scheme to "System" which matches the colors used by the rest of calibre/the operating system. Also means the colors change automatically when the system color theme changes.
    • Viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut ; to go to a book location or position
    • Viewer: Add a control to easily reset the interface to defaults
    • Viewer: Allow also using --open-at with book positions
    • Viewer: Add command line option to force reloading of books
    Bug fixes
    • Content server: Fix conversion of comics not working.
      Closes tickets: 1847017

    • Book details: Allow right click to copy author links and identifiers
    • Book details: Fix removal of identifiers via right click not working
    • Book details: Fix clicking on tags etc not generating exact match searches
    • Viewer: When resizing and the resizing back to the old size ensure we return to the same page in paged mode.
      Closes tickets: 1847507

    • Duplicates dialog: Sort sub-list of matching books already in calibre by author for easier inspection.
      Closes tickets: 1851386

    • PDF Output: Fix links that go to destinations in the same file not working.
      Closes tickets: 1849529

    • Viewer: Fix changes to keyboard shortcuts not being applied until viewer is restarted.
      Closes tickets: 1851045

    • DOCX Input: Fix AlternateContent blocks rendering both choice and fallback sections.
      Closes tickets: 1847365

    • macOS: Fix unable to re-arrange entries in the CSV catalog list.
      Closes tickets: 1850918

    • Windows: fix UTF-16/truncated output when reporting unhandled exceptions
    • Viewer: Fix mouse wheel not working when mouse is over page margins.
      Closes tickets: 1850845

    • Linux: Install bash completions as individual files for each calibre binary
    • Content server: Fix download button not working with non-ebook formats.
      Closes tickets: 1850078

    • Fix a crash in popup completion lists if the mouse is over the list and list is scrolled with the keyboard
    • Viewer: Fix rare exception when navigating to a CFI.
      Closes tickets: 1849775

    • Viewer: Ignore failures printing console message when the viewer is launched with broken stderr.
      Closes tickets: 1849612

    • Amazon metadata: Fix failure to get published date from audible book pages.
      Closes tickets: 1849400

    • Viewer: Fix shortcuts preferences not being translated
    • Tag browser: Fix incorrect text color when using dark theme for hovered item
    • Fix crash if canceling the icon theme download while covers are downloading
    • Viewer: Fix non-ASCII content in stylesheets not being interpreted correctly.
      Closes tickets: 1848858

    • Viewer/Content server: Fix history for completion popups such as search bars not being stored correctly.
      Closes tickets: 1847976

    • PDF Output: When a link with a fragment points to a non-existent anchor link to the top of the file instead of not linking at all
    • PDF Output: Fix standard svg fullscreen image markup not working
    • PDF Output: Fix some books with full screen images failing to convert.
      Closes tickets: 1848701
    Improved news sources
    • Clarin
    • Various Polish news sources
  6. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Calibre v4.4 Released (November 21, 2019)
    What's New
    New features
    • Viewer: Allow customizing what actions appear on the toolbar (Preferences->Miscellaneous->Customize toolbar).
      Closes tickets: 1852017

    • Viewer: The --open-at command line argument now allows matching on ToC hrefs as well as titles
    • Book details window: Show path to book in cover tooltip.
      Closes tickets: 1853184

    • Book details popup window: Add Open with actions to context menu when right clicking the cover image.
      Closes tickets: 1852626

    • Edit book: Check book: Mark empty id attributes in the OPF as errors.
      Closes tickets: 1852318

    • Viewer: Add a shortcut (Ctrl+F11) to toggle the toolbar
    • Bulk metadata download review dialog: When clicking cancel ask for confirmation if some books have already been reviewed
    Bug fixes
    • PDF Output: Fix an error when using fonts with vertical metrics.
      Closes tickets: 1852036

    • Viewer: Fix flickering when scrollbar is enabled and the header/footer is too wide for the screen.
    • PDF Output: Improve handling of images that do not fit on a page.
      Closes tickets: 1852205

    • Viewer: In paged mode break long text without spaces at arbitrary points instead of overflowing to the next page.
      Closes tickets: 1852192

    • Viewer: Fix hang when using --open-at with single instance viewer and the specified location is already open.
      Closes tickets: 1656573

    • Viewer: Fix opening .txt files in the standalone viewer leaving behind a temporary index.html file in the directory of the txt file.
      Closes tickets: 1853232

    • Linux: Make some cache removal code robust against un-decodeable filenames in the cache directories
    • Viewer: Fix scrolling of panels in preferences causing artifacts.
      Closes tickets: 1851933

    • Viewer: improve appearance of controls on small screens.
      Closes tickets: 1851921

    • Move close button in viewer preferences to left to match the rest of the content server UI.
      Closes tickets: 1851937

    • Viewer: Fix restoring user stylesheet to default not being applied until a viewer restart
    • Viewer: Do not wait for loading of <link> tags that are not stylesheets.
      Closes tickets: 1851814

    • Viewer: When using the system color theme only override link colors in the book if the theme is dark.
      Closes tickets: 1852990
    Improved news sources
    • The Atlantic
    • LifeHacker
  7. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Calibre v4.11.2 Released (February 21, 2020)
    What's New
    New features
    • Viewer: Allow right clicking on the scrollbar to easily access commonly used scrolling shortcuts
    • Edit book: Preview panel: Allow right clicking on images to edit them
    • Add a new Quick select action to quickly select a virtual library with a few keystrokes. Activated by Ctrl+t or the Virtual library menu
    • Viewer: Calculate default column widths based on current font size
    • Viewer: Add a control to quit the viewer useful on touchscreens.
      Closes tickets: 1862441

    • Viewer: Add shortcut for showing metadata (Ctrl+n)
      Closes tickets: 1862432
    Bug fixes
    • 4.11.2 fixes a couple of regressions that broke the New bookmark button in the viewer and scrolling in the content server library view. Also fixes calculation of default column widths in viewer not changing when font size is changed.
    • Viewer: Fix a regression that broke detection of pop-up footnotes using EPUB 3 markup
    • Viewer: Fix current reading position not preserved when changing preferences and auto scroll is active.
      Closes tickets: 1863438

    • Viewer: Fix stopping autoscroll at end of chapter not stopping next chapter jump.
      Closes tickets: 1863487

    • Fix for viewer window going off screen even when not restoring window geometry
    • Edit book: Fix syntax highlighting for break-(before|after)
      Closes tickets: 1863020

    • Fix drag and drop of some image files onto edit metadata dialog not working
      Closes tickets: 1862440

    • Conversion pipeline: Fix styles applied via selectors to the <html> element being ignored
      Closes tickets: 1862401

    • Bulk metadata edit: Fix clear series not resetting series index
    • Fix clicking on author name in book details panel to search in Goodreads not working if author has more than two parts in his name
    Improved news sources
    • New York Times
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