c:\fauxvirus\carny_ride.exe---PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by t97352t, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. t97352t

    t97352t Registered Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    PC started acting funny (unable to refresh desktop & dont know how to take a screenshot of whats stuck there now , sudden transparent side bars on desktop, running very slowly, lagging while typing, unable to load yahoomail right away) after i downloaded & ran yahoomailuploader so i did norton scan i noticed it scanning this directly in C drive: FAUXVIRUS carny ride.exe (may have been a forward or back slash after FAUXVIRUS). As i've never seen this file before on my C drive i went there but could not find it so i typed it in my start search did advanced search & search everywhere but found nothing. All the while my norton has allready scanned past the file and didnt recognize it as a threat. So i do a quick scan w/ malewarebytes' anti-maleware & it found nothing-its up to date. so i next started a live chat w/ a norton technicion and you know where that went....no money for their assistance so i spent 4 hours to get redirected to their 'free' based sight where i looked extensivly but found notta! Then i realized of course they would not have that virus def. o recognize it here if a full scan didn't!! So i typed FAUXVIRUS carny ride.exe into my browser and this what ive downloaded & run:
    FIRST PGM: ATF-Cleaner (2x) 1st time: (didnt run as adminastrator) selected all under main and it removed something like 6x...something or another-it was set free it said-then selected all under firefox except saved passwords & it also removed similar file and said set free. 2nd time: (after i read the help that said run as adminastrator) i did all the same things but it removed no files on main or firefox
    SECOND PGM: Sophus anti-rootkit (2x) I started the scan & immeadiatly it gave me a warning message something to the effect of 'may not have access to whole registry' but i let it go (over 103 min.) and it found 3 hidden registry keys that were undeletable and a score of unidentafiable files that it recomended not to be cleaned. My only option was back or exit so I exited & reinstalled and ran as adminastrator. 2nd time i noticed an option to do an extensive search but was unable to check that box so i exited that pgm.
    THIRD PGM: malewarebytes' anti-maleware (again!!) updated 1st then did a FULL sys scan and still, no infections found
    Ive also downloaded BUT HAVE NOT RUN: SUPERAntiSpyware & dr.web cure it. also posted this same thread a few hrs ago on bleeping computer no responce yet
    thought id consult here 1st before going further....so can you help me and what do i do?
  2. JRViejo

    JRViejo Super Moderator

    Jul 9, 2008
    t97352t, waiting for Bleeping Computer to answer your request for help could be your best bet.

    Review this Wilders thread: If You Are Currently Infected in the meantime.
  3. andyman35

    andyman35 Registered Member

    Nov 2, 2007
    Skimming through this particular link,it appears that the 'fauxvirus' issue is related to Norton AV and in fact you're seeing what it's scanning for rather than a detection (hence no such file on your system).


    Quote from that thread:

    "Bingo. That's EXACTLY what's happening. From the screenshot in KLB's post, you can see the system scanning for "C:\FAUXVIRUS\carny ride.exe" - this is the full name of the malware. It has not FOUND this malware, nor does this path or malware exist on your system, the scanner is just telling you what it is looking for. If your system is infected at all, you will be alerted. There will be no ambiguity about Security Risks that are detected.

    Tony Weiss
    Norton Forums Community Manager
    Symantec Corporation"
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