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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by crusty_the_clown, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. crusty_the_clown

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    Nov 10, 2006
    Hi there,

    currently I'm testing bullguard internet security 7 and bitdefender internet security 10 and maybe you like to attach your opinion to those suits.

    As they reportedly use the same antivirus-engine results should be the same there. However bitdefender blocked even the text file on www.eicar.org, while bullguard did not (though set to "scan all files") o_O On the other hand bullguard blocked pc security test (2006 v_5) trying to read out system information like XP-license-number, username etc., actually it already announced malware while installing pc security test :thumb: . Quite contrary bitdefender allowed reading out those information and didn't give a warning before installation :doubt: .

    Bullguard comes with outpost 4 firewall wheras bitdefender designed their own one. Outpost 4 is great for sure, and I have not really a clue what about bitdefender's firewall, except that I read it has been improved.

    Both suites claim to have an anti-phishing-protection, but I didn't find any possibilities to test this.

    Bitdefender used around 12 MB RAM with 5 processes which is really an astonishing slender amount :cool: . Bullguard needed 6 MB with 2 processes, but with advanced taskmanager I discovered it was using a svchost.exe-process with about 70 MB. Maybe bitdefender hided RAM-usage as well but I found no proof, even not by advanced taskmanager. Since they both didn't slow down system performance or internet speed in any way, it makes no different to me.

    Conclusion: I like both suites, they do a great job securing my pc while I hardly recognize them doing their job. But where are the differences?

    Bitdefender: every module is self-constructed so you may assume parts do a better job in interacting

    Bullguard: modules are purchased from other producers and you don't know about the success of integrating these parts for an optimal interaction; on the other hand the firewall may be superior to bitdefender's one and moreover the suite is much more clearly arranged and looks more appealing than bitdefender

    so what do YOU think about them?? feel free to tell about experience you made and to fill the gaps in my comparison...
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