Bug in Wormguard?

Discussion in 'WormGuard' started by george75, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. george75

    george75 Registered Member

    Aug 11, 2005
    I installed Wormguard on a trial basis a few days ago and the following happened. When I went to the H+BEDV Guard systray icon to click on 'start Internet update' or even 'Start Antivir Main Program' I got a message that the program had to close. However, I could continue with the Internet update normally, or even access the Main Program by this route. After some investigation it turned out that the program being closed was the systray icon itself. Although the icon continued to appear after the message, the moment I hovered over it, it disappeared. Uninstalling Wormguard removed this problem. There was a similar problem with Spyware Doctor's internet update: at the end of the update I continually got 'This program must close, sorry for the inconvenience.' Clicking ok merely brought the message back. Clicking debug stopped the message. Other functionality didn't seem to be affected. This problem also appears to have stopped with the uninstall of Wormguard.

    With best wishes--

Thread Status:
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