bootable CD v8. 678 bad corrupted image msg

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by vareniky, Aug 20, 2004.

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  1. vareniky

    vareniky Guest

    I have no end to my problems with bootable cd since
    I create an image file and version8.x seems to increase the size of an image by 100mb and this is not all it also throws corrupted mage file msg even on my already built images stored in the HDD previously built with version 7.x
    I ran standlaone image checker and all is fine yet version 8.x says that the image file involved are corrupted.
    Can someone elighten me as to why this happens with the latest TI version?
    thank you
  2. vareniky

    vareniky Guest

    Anyway I forgot to quote some of my hardware details
    Winxp pro SP1 and Win2k SP4 both FAT32 I oostly write to the HDD my latest image backup with TI 8 increased to 1.15 GB (1,238,213,306 bytes) from version 7.x image backup 1.00 GB (1,076,136,785 bytes)
    Why such increase in file size?
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