BolehVPN to offer Protonmail invites to its long term subscribers

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by bolehvpn, May 18, 2015.

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    Oct 10, 2011
    Hi Wilderians,

    Just a quick note that BolehVPN will be offering Protonmail secure e-mail invites soon with any 365 day account purchase with us. Currently if you try to request for a Protonmail account, you may have to wait for quite a while. Some have waited for months!

    Further details can be found on our blog.

    Some of you may be aware of Tutanota which is also an excellent secure e-mail option that is available also however Protonmail offers several differences from Tutanota:

    “Tutanota is also doing end-to-end encryption, but there are still a couple key differentiators,” says Yen, discussing how ProtonMail stacks up against Tutanota. “The most important to me is our cryptographic libraries. We use (and actively contribute to) the OpenPGPjs library which is open source, has been extensively audited, and has a large community of developers. This means our encryption is also fully compliant with the OpenPGP standard.

    “When it comes to security software, being standards compliant is very important, for example, our users can decrypt ProtonMail messages using third party OpenPGP tools if they don’t want to trust our code. Tutanota has written their own library which is not OpenPGP compliant and is not actively reviewed by the community.”

    Another difference he flags up is the way ProtonMail hosts its data. It’s not cloud hosted, but rather runs its own infrastructure out of two Switzerland-based datacenters.

    “We control the server hardware and the network. We’re able to do this due to our team’s extensive large scale compute experience from building large hadron collider infrastructure at CERN,” adds Yen.

    “As we saw from the NSA leaks, a lot of illicit interception happens at the network level so having control over the network is important,” he continues. “Our Swiss domicile helps with this as it places our infrastructure under very strict Swiss data protection laws which means all data requests must go through the court system and there is an obligation to notify the target of surveillance.”

    We're also working on further security upgrades on our customer portal and are in the final stages of testing of our new portal system which will update our encryption and also customer security.

    For full disclosure, we have no official affiliation with Protonmail (though we are big supporters of its service) though we did work out this deal with them via a generous donation to their cause :D

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Wilderians for the support you guys have shown us over the years. :D
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