Blue screen on reboot

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    May 19, 2015
    Hi all,

    I have a problem I hope someone can shed some light on, let's start with some background. I have a computer which with an Nvidia nForce RAID 1+0 array on which the raid controller broke. I was unable to find an exact match for the motherboard so I got the most similar I could find. The installed Windows 7 would of course not boot but I managed to create a VHD from the RAID array which is now running on a Hyper-V server. I am now trying to do a V2P migration from the VHD back to the physical machine.

    I have used Hard Disk Manager 15 to mount the VHD and copy it back to the RAID array. Trying to boot at this stage fails miserably, but that is to be expected. Then I use the P2P Adjust OS feature and inject the Nvidia RAID drivers into the system. Booting takes forever, but at least it boots. I can log on to the system and everything except the network adapter seems to work fine. The system spends A LOT of time installing drivers automatically after it boots the first time - perhaps up to 30 minutes, after which it says it wants to reboot. When I reboot, the system gets to "Starting Windows" before it BSODs. At this point the P2P Adjust OS doesn't work anymore, which I find weird. I need to start over and copy the entire VHD to the RAID array again, do the P2P Adjust OS, inject drivers and it will boot again, ask to be restarted and then... BSOD! As copying the VHD to the RAID array takes 16-18 hours this is starting to get annoying.. :)

    There must be something Windows does on that first boot that disables the RAID drivers or something, is there anyone out there who has an idea of what I can try to get this to work?