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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by roxdoctorp, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. roxdoctorp

    roxdoctorp Registered Member

    Mar 16, 2005
    hi guys..anyone got the wits for this?!

    first off i am a relative go easy on the tech lingo.

    w-xp home, 800MB RAM, 1.6GHZ pent 4/20GB etc.


    i am having multiple problems and i dont want 2 reformat/clean install
    basically i got a "blue screen of death" and a dell rep helped me temp thru it
    with som repair using thee re/installation cd. she said i would lose som files
    in the process + indeed i did.

    i have copied all pertenant stuff in case of an inevitable clean install.

    basically i dont really know the culprit.what i know is that couple weeks ago
    spybot caught "my soft" + expanding the Plus sign revealed redirected host file is being used and wont be able to be removed?

    at some point,weeks late the system started acting funny. did all the needed scans
    with updates(avg,spybot,spysweeper,xcleaner,online virus scan from
    etc)+ everything is ok + yet got the blue error screen.

    dell partially repaired this helping boot into w-xp.

    so far i have also performed chkdsk,sfc-/scannow with installtn cd..nothin' !

    right now, the boot is VERY SLOW + when i log into my user account, i get a message
    that the system has no paging file or the paging file is too small.
    despite my efforts to reset the file(1.5x RAM for initial size and 3x that for max) i
    constantly get this message when i log in.

    there is no audio. when i go to control panel>sound/audio devices, volume controlls
    are shaded/greyed out. when dell first partially repaired system, there was a message
    that CLTFACE.SYS file is missing. i tried downloading it from www.dynamiclink but
    i get crazy PAYPAL messages! so i uninstalled soundblaster and reinstalled it from the cd.
    this gave me back the needed audio drivers..socalled. trouble is there is still no audio!

    today i ran a new spybot scan and it caught something but cant remove because it
    did not find the MFC42D.DLL. it states that reinstalling this file may fix this.
    tried downloding it from dynamiclink + same PAYPAL message didnt allow me.

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! dont want a clean install!!!

    by the way, whats a good + healthy site to download files + dll fixes etc. ?


  2. Capp

    Capp Registered Member

    Oct 16, 2004
    United States
    Do you have a good Anti-virus installed and have you done a scan with it? If not, You can download a decent free one to scan your system with.

    Do you have any other spyware removal tools to scan with? I recommend using Ad-Aware, Microsoft Anti-Spyware, and SpywareBlaster to keep baddies off your system.

    I would post the URL's to these downloads but it is easier to just send you to my software page on my site. (no you don't have to buy anything, just a referrence :) )

    Just go to and scroll down if you need to get to the download pages for different software.

    Sorry if this is a plug...but like I said, it's easier to copy 1 url than to search for all of 'em :D
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