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  1. TNT

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    Sep 4, 2005
    Please note: the list does not include subdomains: an entry for "<site name>.biz" means than any subdomain entry should be automatically banned, so for instance "<example>.<site name>.biz" is not included in the list but should actually be blocked. So this is NOT for Windows hosts files, but it's perfect between others for Squid proxy rules, or to import in Internet Explorer's "restricted zone" with ZonedOut.

    The list includes entries from various existing block lists, plus:

    - link spam and blog spam sites (sites that were found in guestbooks and forums around the web and which were CLEARLY only used to increase search engine rankings)

    - malware-hosting sites (excuding sites that host malware while CLEARLY specifying it is malware)

    - sites using exploits

    - sites related to known spammers

    - some "tracking-cookie" sites (not many)

    Everyone is welcome to test this (such as adding these domains to his own IE "restricted" zone) and give his own impressions, and especially everyone is welcome contributing to this list (I found both IE-SpyAd and Spywareblaster's restricted domains lists to be rather incomplete, that's why I started this thing).

    Last update: September 20, 2006 (added 477, removed 1 entries since previous update).

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    May 11, 2005
    Thanks TNT for the update.
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