Bitdefender 2016 vs Free - Web Protection??

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    I've been running BD Free on my Windows 7 system for a long time. (Yes, everyone knows it don't work in 10.)

    Here's a composite screenie of a PhishTank link posted Dec 10th 2015 6:27 AM UTC. All four apps were open, so the blocks occurred within less than a minute.

    The main shot is Cyberfox Intel X64 Portable.
    To the left is PopPeeper's email viewer rendering via Windows' embedded HTML viewer (mshtml.dll, ieframe.dll, etc.).
    Top right is the long forgotten but never lost OffByOne browser.
    Bottom right is the QuiteRSS reader viewer based on QtWebKit v5.


    I'm not sure to what extent Free's signature subset stores malURL/phishing locally, but when I run tests from PhishTank, malc0de, etc. the Gonzales cloud service is pretty active hitting the Nimbus servers.

    I could demo similar behavior for Chrome, K-Meleon, Thunderbird and Web content rendered in PDF readers, media players, authoring tools and... well, the four I've presented should make my point. I seem to recollect this was how it worked in AV+2014 and Windows 8 Security: filtering works for Internet facing applications. Well, all the ones I use.

    In reading BD's site for AV+2016, there's mention of "Integrates with" Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird which makes me think they abandoned that system-wide tech and have gone with browser specific TrafficLight-like extensions.

    The site also says, "Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 runs all possible scanning in the Cloud..."

    Inquiries to BD support have gone unanswered. Big surprise. And I don't have a test system I can use right now.

    Can anyone versed in Bitdefender operations tell if 2016 is browser specific or system-wide?

    Thank you!